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Chaman Knit Pvt Ltd, Ludhianas leading garment wholesaler group provides the world class experience to its customers. This world class experience is all about the efforts of the employees working as core staff member of the company. We invite you to be part of our family of learners and advisers. The differentiation we seek in our new recruits that sets them apart from the rest are passion and enthusiasm for work, service, quality and customer care. Our customer is the focus of all our activities and the most important constituent of our business. We expect all our people to go the extra mile for our customer. We are a learning company and encourage development of knowledge skills and attitudes to enable our people to perform to their penitential.

Our Guiding Principals

  • 1. We will treat each other fairly and with respect and dignity.
  • 2. We will encourage freedom in communication of thoughts and ideas in all our organization.
  • 3. We will encourage learning self-development and building effective leadership.
  • 4. We will provide a work place where every employee is nurtured and who in turn will nurture the company.
  • 5. We expect all our employees to be accountable for all their actions related to the company.
  • 6. We will project a positive, caring, and professional image of ourselves.
  • 7. We will continue to be law abiding company, apolitical and secular company.
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